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Postguys is an integrated production and post production house with an active presence in the UK.

Postguys works directly with businesses, consumers and campaigners to make the audio-visual trade deliver for producers and workers.

Postguys is working to secure a better deal for producers and workers.

What the UK-based Postguys does

- Postguys facilitates the production and post production of a wide range of audio-visual product - feature films, documentaries, shorts, music videos, and more.

Our key areas of activity include:

- Providing an independent trade chain for visual products.

- Help to grow demand and empowering producers to sell to traders and retailers.

- Working to support producer organisations and their networks.

- Raising awareness of the need for making trade fair.

- Offering trading partnerships based on dialogue, transparency and respect that seeks greater equity in international trade. Also to help facilitate better trading conditions, and securing the rights of marginalised producers and workers.

About Postguys

- Postguys was established in 2014 as a trading subsidiary of Palm Tree Worldwide.

- Postguys is currently workng to establish itself an an independent trading company.

Postguys Senior Management Team

- Director of Production: Robert Aitken

- Director of Editing: Julita Deka

- Director of Product Integrity: Mairi Sutherland

- Director of Visual Effects: Tian Zeng

- Director of Sales: Michael Cowan

- Director of Digital Distribution: Rachael Sutherland

Sponsorship Committee

-This committee reviews all requests for collaboration , and advises on policies and implementation. We are currently seeking members for this committee.